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Think about integrating the WinDi
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WinDi is a very large database and a powerful linguistic solution.


Here is an example to explain the advantage of integrating the WinDi technology into yours:

Let's take an application, for example, Speech Recognition. In this case, WinDi can increase the percentage of recognized words. How? Very simply! The Speech Recognition program has identified a group of words with a terminological or grammatical ambiguity. The Speech Recognition program then asks WinDi (by passing on the group of words) to analyze the possible grammatical construction of the group. The answer from WinDi will help to determine if the first hypothesis made by the Speech Recognition program is correct or not... This process will increase the accuracy of the Speech Recognition application thanks to this smart linguistic feature !

The example above shows how WinDi can help to 'make a decision' in sensitive domains. Other integrations are possible, as in a Grammar and/or Spelling Checker (monolingual or multilingual) in a Wordprocessor, an advanced E-Mail program, or any program having to read multilingual texts aloud (read also our WinDi Multilingual Speech Producer page and the WTLD.EXE comment below). Also, in another context, WinDi Browser represents a good example of an interesting integration!

These are just examples, many other applications are possible...

The WinDi development has taken a very long time (starting mid 1989) to offer these kinds of possibilities and they can allow you and your team to save years of design and a huge investment while expanding instantly the functionalities of your products!

We offer the following programs for you to integrate :

o WINDIGW.EXE This program is able to extract from the WinDi dictionary all the words matching the received request. Several words can be received in one request.
o CONJUGGW.EXE This program allows to conjugate the requested verb. It also can retrieve the root infinitive form of a conjugated verb, even an irregular one.
o WDGRAMGW.EXE This program generates the agreements in gender and number of nouns and adjectives.
o WTLD.EXE This program is able to recognize the language of a given text with an extraordinary reliability.
o DICWEB.EXE This program calls WINDIGW.EXE with a list of words to be retrieved and it converts the result in HTML format. The resulting page can be viewed by means of WinDi Browser for example. DICWEB.EXE uses powerful parsing algorithms in order to enhance the understanding of a foreign text.

All these programs behave like DDE gateways (except DICWEB.EXE). Their input/output interfaces can be adapted and/or encrypted. DLL accesses are possible.

The databases can be integrated in your program without our software interface, in this case, our algorithms must be implemented in your application; this way our linguistic databases are not limited to the Windows world! So, if you are working on some application (requiring linguistic features) under Unix or AS/400 for example, we are ready to help you integrate our technology into yours !

Now you can take advantage of this huge linguistic tank. For more information and a quotation, call us at +32-10-454.226 or send us a fax at +32-10-454.995 or an E-Mail at Please tell us about your planned project, so that we can answer your request more efficiently.

For more information on integration, read also the page about WinDi Multilingual Speech Producer, the page How to put your vocabulary into WinDi? and WinDi Browser.


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