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WinDi is a software with different modules, all compatible with WindowsTM applications!

Sentence translation

Allows you to create billions of correct sentences in up to 7 languages.

Grammar and examples

Agreement in gender and number of nouns and adjectives, location of adjectives in a sentence, etc.

7 dictionaries

Multidirectional: from and to each language, very accurate grammatical information for each word, article before nouns, etc.

7 conjugations

Conjugation for all tenses and in 7 languages, comparison between languages, management of separable verbs (Dutch, German), impersonal verbs.

Encoding of new words

Allows you to adapt the dictionary to your own field of activities: your own vocabulary available on-line!

WinDi is very easy to use thanks to this friendly menu...
Each of these icons gives you access to one of the available tools:

WinDi - Menu

The WTH double editor

Voice for WinDi

WinDi Dictionary

WinDi Conjugation

WinDi Direct Translation

Translation Project Manager

WinDi is a complete multilingual solution. Example of use: Help in Understanding

For example imagine you have received a letter that contains the following sentence in French:

'Nos sous-traitants enverront les marchandises par avion.'
The key word in this sentence is, of course, the verb - in this case 'enverront' - which is an interesting example of irregularly conjugated verb. Indeed, 'enverront' is the conjugation in the future tense of the verb 'envoyer', which is 'to send' in English. This verb, like many other ones in all languages, is very difficult to understand when it is conjugated. The meaning of the sentence may get lost...

WinDi gives a solution for this kind of understanding problem!

WinDi Understanding Help

The solution is child's play... just click the word that is not understood,
then click the 'WTH double editor' icon, and WinDi finds it for you,
thanks to its high-level algorithm! (see example above)

WinDi Direct Translation ©

This translation application gives you a range of sentences in which all words are 'variables' that can be changed according to the particular sentence you need to translate.

Look at these screens...

-This solution provides the correct grammatical structure of your sentences in 7 languages, including the correct words order, agreement in gender and number, etc.
- Create interactively the sentence you wish to translate,
in your own language.
- Modify each part of the sentence, and create billions of possible sentences.
- Very easy access to all tenses of the conjugation.
- Get the immediate correct translation of your sentences in one or six other languages.

WinDi Direct Translation Screen 2

WinDi Direct Translation Screen 3

Just a simple 'click' to get your sentences in 7 languages! Absolutely unique!

After creating a new sentence, it is immediately available in seven languages!

List of translations in 7 languages

Just click the '7' button to get this amazing result: quality translations in 7 different languages!

Indispensable for your multilingual mail, and very useful for learning purposes, this unique function will become your friendliest translation tool.

This feature is cleverly combined with 'Paste' function.

Billions of variants and combinations readily available!

WinDi gives immediate access to more than 3,350,000 words and examples of use in different grammatical contexts!

On the screen, a preposition and an adjective have been introduced in WinDi Additional Variants... Many more accurate combinations are available at your fingertips!

All these combinations create billions of useful possibilities!

WinDi Grammar

WinDi Dictionaries ©

WinDi covers the following subject areas:

Americanisms, anatomy, architecture, automobilism, biology, botany, cinema, commerce, computing, economics, electricity, finance, fiscal, geography, geology, grammar, law, linguistics, mathematics, mechanics, medicine, military, music, physics, politics, psychology, religion, technical, typography, zoology, etc.

WinDi is a multidirectional dictionary; open it from any of the 7 languages....

- 40,000 'root' words in each language!

- Click the 'book' icon to open the dictionary...

... and get instantaneous translation of your word in six other languages!

- Accurate grammatical information in one of the 7 languages.

- Export one of the translations via the clipboard.

- Access to grammar (see Additional Variants) or conjugation (see below).

WinDi Dictionary Screen 2

WinDi Conjugation ©

WinDi Conjugation can conjugate more than 10,000 verbs per language for all tenses, including impersonal or reflexive verbs, separable verbs (German and Dutch), etc.

WinDi Conjugation Screen 1

- You can see one tense at a time on this first screen.

- Import-Export functions (via the clipboard) are available.

- Thanks to the Zoom function, you can see six tenses at one time!

- Function for comparing verbs between two or even six languages.

- The user interface is available in any of the seven languages.

WinDi Conjugation Screen 2

WinDi Encoding ©

This module allows you easily to adapt the WinDi Dictionaries to your own field of activities: add your own words, or modify the existing database according to your particular context.

WinDi Encoding

- You don't have to encode all seven languages.

- Exhaustive list of grammatical comments to complete your encoding.

- New lexicons from other WinDi users can be added into your own dictionaries.

- You can export your modifications to share them with other users, subsidiaries, etc.

One of WinDi's main assets is the ability to exchange lexicons between different sites equipped with WinDi softwares. The dictionary database can be enlarged or modified according to the user's particular field of activities, and the modifications can be very easily extracted and exchanged between WinDi users. This allows 'standardization' of the vocabulary used by the different sites of a corporation, or even by the corporation and its customers or suppliers, which is of course a huge asset in the communication needs of today. The words added will be available in the sentence translation module (WinDi Direct Translation), allowing you to create your own sentences.

Read also our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the WinDi package

System requirements for WinDi:

At least a true compatible 486 PC (Pentium advised), running Windows, and 16 MB RAM (32 MB advised).
In a LAN, WinDi is compatible with Novell, Lan Manager, TCP/IP, Banyan, 3COM, Pathworks, etc.

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