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WinDi On-Line Translation

These On-Line services provide useful linguistic functions in 7 Languages (21 language pairs and 42 possible directions). These services are : Translation, Spelling, Conjugation, Grammar, Voice, WinDi Sentence Library, and more functions as WinDi Matching-Based Translation.

WinDi On-Line probably is the most extended service in 7 languages on the Internet.

If you want to use these services, you must become a subscriber. See our WinDi Web Services subscriptions page.

How to use WinDi On-Line Translation ?

Step 1: Login

There are 2 ways to access WinDi On-Line, you are free to choose the one you prefer :
- From within this web site using the 'Login' link in the menu on your left or...
- Via WinDi-IDM that you can download from this site (see the 'Installation & Download' link in the menu on your left)

Login using your own browser or...    Login using WinDi-IDM   
WinDi On-Line Translation    WinDi On-Line Translation    On these screens, you have to enter your WinDi User-ID and Password. You can also select the languages you want to work with. After that, click on one of the language login buttons to define what will be the 'dialogue' language.

Step 2: Service selection

Remark : In the following explanations, we have used WinDi-IDM as the user interface because some functions are available only via this application.

WinDi On-Line Translation    On this screen, two menus are displayed. The first one gives access to sentence translation, while the second one gives access to the multilingual and spelling dictionaries as well as to pronunciation. Let's start with the multilingual dictionaries. We will overview the Sentence Translation function below (see step 3-Bis).

Step 3: Look up a word

WinDi On-Line Translation    In this example, we have selected English as the source language and German as the target. We have entered the word 'board'. We now have to click on the 'Translation' button.

Step 4: Here are the translations and many other linguistic functions

WinDi On-Line Translation    From this word list, many other language functions are available as 'Conjugation', 'Grammar' and 'Text-To-Speech'. More details about these functions :


WinDi On-Line Translation    WinDi On-Line Translation    All verbs can be conjugated at all tenses, in active and passive voices.


WinDi On-Line Translation    WinDi On-Line Translation    The grammar function is available for all nouns and adjectives. It allows to see the agreements in gender and number. German declensions are also supported. This function allows to build subjects and complements.


WinDi On-Line Translation    WinDi On-Line Translation    All WinDi results are displayed with a loudspeaker icon allowing to hear their pronunciation in the chosen language.

Step 3-Bis: Look up a sentence on basis of keywords

WinDi On-Line Translation    In this example of sentence translation, we have selected English as the source language (the results are always displayed in 7 languages). We have entered our keywords in different zones according to their function in the sentence. In this case, we just entered one verb and 3 complements. After that We will click on the 'Search' button.

Step 4-Bis: Words selection

WinDi On-Line Translation    WinDi has retrieved your vocabulary. You can select many options as the conjugation tense, articles in front of the nouns, etc... You can build a sentence with up to 4 complements.

You must here carefully select the context of each word. If you follow this advice, you will get high quality results as follow...

Here are 3 examples of results obtained using WinDi Sentence Library :

WinDi On-Line Translation    WinDi On-Line Translation    WinDi On-Line Translation

WinDi On-Line gives also access to even more interesting functions

The following functions are available via download and installation :
see the Installation & Download page

WinDi-MT, WSL-BATCH, etc...

Here is a quick overview of WinDi-MT screens:

WinDi - Internet Desktop Manager    WinDi - Internet Desktop Manager    WinDi - Internet Desktop Manager

This application allows to easily retrieve already translated sentences saved in the WinDi-MT Database. This program is based on matching, if the text you entered is already in the database, the application will display one or several matching sentences with their translation in 7 languages. Click here to know more about WinDi-MT

This application uses the WSL-Batch translation results to provide matching translations in 7 languages. The WSL-Batch results are very easy to add in the WinDi-MT database via quick import function.
Click here to know more about WSL-Batch

More information about WinDi On-Line

As you may have noticed, these services offer many linguistic functions and a sentence library allowing to retrieve a sentence among about 1062 other possibilities.

These services also give you access to 21 bilingual dictionaries (42 possible directions), 7 spelling dictionaries, conjugation at all tenses of all verbs contained in all these dictionaries. Grammar for adjectives and nouns is also provided to help you concerning agreements in gender and number, including German declensions.

To follow is a list of all available bilingual dictionaries:

WinDi Logo

Conclusion : the services offered here are unique on the Internet. You won't find them anywhere else. For example, no other language supplier on the Web supports grammar as completely as we do !

Advantages of these services:

First of all, in order to use these services, you only need an Internet Browser ! There is NO need to install any software, plug-ins or whatever. You won't have to take care of WinDi updates (because we will do them for you on our WEB server). The compatibility with these services is guaranteed as long as your system/computer supports an Internet Browser. There will be NO hardware/software problems or Operating Systems trouble... In short, these services are open to anyone having an Internet access.

Moreover, the price of these services is very attractive in comparison with the purchase of printed dictionaries and linguistic books that must be replaced regularly because languages evolve (and the paper gets damaged)! By subscribing to these services, you will get access to a large collection of linguistic resources.


All subscriptions are valid for 1 year. Each subscription allows a maximum number of consultations (depending on the subscription you have chosen). A 'consultation' is a request to WinDi Sentence Library or a request to WinDi Dictionaries containing 1 up to 20 words: you can enter either a single word or a sentence in order to catch its meaning easily. Syntax or request errors and 'word(s) not found' are NOT regarded as a consultation (ONLY successful consultations will decrease the number of remaining requests). If you have used all of your 'consultation credits' before the end of your subscription, you can take out a new subscription. Any 'consultation credits' not used after the end of your subscription cannot be recovered. The Conjugation and Grammar features are provided for free !

Availability of these services:

These services are NOT free of charge. In order to fully use these services you must subscribe. If you want to be a member, use this link and order your subscription.

Special linguistic features and requirements:

When you enter one or several words, don't forget to select the source and the target languages before submitting your request to our server. Do not forget when entering one or several words to spell them correctly. If there is a spelling mistake, the software either will not find the translation of the word(s) or will find words other than the ones you wished to translate.

Read this carefully before using this multilingual function: By using this multilingual function, you signify that you have read and accepted the following terms, the explanation above and the complete License Agreement below. This multilingual function can be used as long as it is used inside the WinDi WEB site ( You are not allowed to put our WinDi WEB function inside other WEB sites or HTML pages without prior written consent. This WinDi WEB function must be used in the context of private use, which means that it cannot be rented, leased, sold or resold to any third party. You are not allowed to create or re-create a dictionary (or a part of a dictionary) by using the WinDi Database available on the Internet for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Non-compliance with these instructions constitutes a violation of Language Dynamics' copyright!

Click here to read the complete license agreement.
Click here if you want to subscribe to these services!


What you can read on the Web about WinDi :

"Translation Help in 7 Languages." Technically not a true translation program, but it may give you better results than most computer translators..."

"Although I have not used the full WinDi program, I did try out the online version, and I very much like its philosophy. It is definitely the way to go for anyone..."

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