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WinDi Sentence Library Batch Process (WSL-Batch)

First of all, WSL-Batch is a "Translation Robot" that consists in 2 programs as follows :

WinDi IDM (WinDi - Internet Desktop Manager) which is the user interface and WSL-Batch which is the linguistic gateway.
These applications are available without additional cost for subscribers via download (see menu on the left).

Here are the two main screens of these applications (WinDI-IDM on the left, WSL-Batch on the right).

WinDi - Internet Desktop Manager     WinDi Batch Process

WinDI-IDM and WSL-Batch are the result of many years of linguistic R&D as described in the Projet History page (see above). WSL-Batch is a unique and pioneering approach based on aligned grammar and corpora between 7 languages allowing to automatically generate up to 10e62 aligned sentences.

A demonstration of WinDi Sentence Library is available in order to allow you to quickly discover WSL's concept. The same concept is used within WSL-Batch, but with automatic sentence generation in order to easily produce all the sentences you need in 7 languages.

What is this application useful for

WSL-Batch is a tool allowing to create translations that will be reused afterwards via a database program (see WinDi-MT page).

WSL-Batch must then be regarded as a 'Translation Robot' generating your own sentence library that you will use in WinDi IDM (WinDi - Internet Desktop Manager) if you also install WinDi-MT for example.

These programs were developed in order to provide an affordable way to "feed" Translation Memories or Machine Translation systems based on matching (however, WinDi-MT is NOT mandatory). Indeed, WSL-Batch allows to easily save for re-use hundreds or even thousands of aligned sentences in 7 languages and this for a very low price.

All obtained translations are saved in TMX 1.4 format files (standard format used in the translation field). They can be easily integrated in other applications, see paragraph 'How to re-use WSL-Batch Data'.

Below, you can see examples of translation results.

How to use WinDi Sentence Library Batch Process

WinDi-IDM was developed on basis of Microsoft Internet Explorer which is a well-known Web Browser interface. It includes a Multi-Browser approach since it gives direct access to several other linguistic resources. This program is also very easy to use, as described below.

Step 1: Introduce your keywords...

WinDi Sentence Library Batch Process    First of all, select the vocabulary language. Enter then your keywords in each required zone according to their function within the final sentences. You must separate your keywords with commas and enter ONLY root words (infinitive verbs, nouns/adjectives in the singular). Complements can be nouns and adverbs.

Step 2: Select your vocabulary and parameters...

WinDi Sentence Library Batch Process    Here, you can select the forms (question, negation, ...) and conjugation tenses of the final sentences. You can also select the right context of each word and finally choose grammatical variants for subjects and complements.

Step 3: Create your job...

WinDi Sentence Library Batch Process    Using your selection, this application will generate all possible sentences by asking our servers to translate (in 7 languages) all the available combinations. WSL-Batch allows to ask from one up to thousands of translations. If you agree with the number of combinations found, then press the "Create This Job" button and the background Batch Process starts (depending on existing jobs in queue).

Step 4: The Batch Process starts as soon as you accept the job creation...

WinDi Sentence Library Batch Process    As explained, all your jobs are queued allowing you to generate as many jobs you want. They will be processed one after another. In this framework, vocabulary requests are considered as a top priority, then the translation batch process is shortly interrupted and restarted just after, allowing to share these resources smoothly among the different users (in an office for example).

Step 5: Depending on the job length, your results will be available for later re-use...

WinDi Sentence Library    This application is compatible with the TMX 1.4 file format, which allows to re-use the translation results in other linguistic tools as Translation Memories or Automatic Translators for example. In order to easily read the results, this software includes a TMX file content viewer.

Step 6: Export to WinDi-MT and re-use your translation results in 7 languages

WinDi Sentence Library    Thanks to the chosen TMX 1.4 format, you can retrieve the resulting translation files and directly import them into WinDi-MT or in your favorite Translation Memory program for example. The sentences will be then readily available in your everyday translation work.

Here is the job file of the example above (6 translation units): Click here to see the TMX File created in this case

Here follows another example of a longer sentence belonging to a technical field:

de : unsere Ingenieure haben Projekte betreffs eines neuen Schaltschrittmotors untersucht
es : nuestros ingenieros han estudiado proyectos concerniente un nuevo motor de escalonamiento
fr : nos ingénieurs ont étudié des projets concernant un nouveau moteur pas à pas
en : our engineers have examined projects about a new stepping motor
it : i nostri ingegneri hanno studiato dei progetti concernente un nuovo motore passo-passo
nl : onze ingenieurs hebben projecten betreffende een nieuwe stappenmotor onderzocht
pt : os nossos engenheiros estudaram projectos concernente a um novo motor com escalonamento

Here is the full job file of this example (24 translation units): Click here to see the TMX File created in this case

How to achieve this kind of result :

Here is an explanation about the way you will be able to generate automatically all possible sentences using your vocabulary selection.

Here follow the words we have selected in order to create new sentences:

Subject list : 'Tourist (options Sg. and Plu. selected)'
Subject article : 'This'
Verb list : 'Take'
Tenses : 'Future'
Forms : 'Affirmative', 'Negative', 'Interrogative', 'Interro-Negative'
Complement : 'Airplane'
Complement articles : 'Your'
2nd Complement : 'Tomorrow'

According to the possible combinations available, WSL-Batch will generate 8 translation units which represents 56 aligned sentences in 7 languages.

These translation units can be directly saved into a database for later re-use.

Here is a translation unit extracted from the TMX result file:

de : diese Touristen werden Ihr Flugzeug morgen nehmen
es : estos turistas tomarán su avión mañana
fr : ces touristes prendront votre avion demain
en : these tourists will take your airplane tomorrow
it : questi turisti prenderanno il Vostro aeroplano domani
nl : deze toeristen zullen uw vliegtuig morgen nemen
pt : estes turistas tomarão o seu avião amanhã


What is the price of this job :

According to our price list, if you have taken a Platinum Extended subscription, the cost of this job is 4.7 cents (Euro). This represents 0.59 cents per translation unit or 0.08 cents per sentence...

As you can see, prices are LOWER THAN a cent! Moreover, the costs decrease when higher subscriptions are taken.

Price per translation unit (which always includes 7 aligned translations) may be as low as 0.31 cents (Euro).

How to install WSL-Batch :

WSL-Batch is a multi-users and multi-accounts application that can be installed within a network. However, WSL-Batch can also be installed as a stand-alone solution for one user.

If WSL-Batch is installed in an office for several users, you don't need to dedicate a PC for this task, but one of the users'PC will be considered as a gateway communicating with our linguistic cluster. The other users'PCs will only run WinDi-IDM allowing them to work with this application.

How to re-use WSL-Batch Data :

As explained above, the WSL-Batch Data are in TMX 1.4 format (Translation Memory eXchange, a sub-XML format). In addition to the mandatory TMX tags and header, we have used the 'tu tuid=...' and 'note' tags in order to provide a reference (ID) identifying each translation unit.

This 'translation ID' refers to the user by using the subscription number and a unique number 'labelling' the translation unit like this : tu tuid="WSL/X01TST99/DEP01-0139/6083" where 'DEP01-0139' is the job number and 6083' is the translation unit label. This key allows to save results according to the User ID in a multi-account configuration.

Note for developers and solution integrators:

This 'ID' can be used by other applications (as Databases) as an index or pointer which represents a first possible step towards integration of this 'Translation Robot' in your application.
Another integration possibility consists in replacing our 'WinDi-IDM' by your own interface. Contact us for more information about this.

Important Remark:

WinDi Sentence Library Batch Process is a very powerful tool giving excellent translation results as long as it is carefully used.
DO NOT FORGET that the results will directly depend on the accuracy of your vocabulary selection. Our system prevents mistranslations to happen since the vocabulary context is defined by the user himself. Our system only applies grammar rules on the selected vocabulary which guarantees high quality translations because all our linguistic databases are fully aligned between the 7 supported languages.

Some advice to get the best results using WSL-Batch:

As previously said above, you must carefully choose each word that will be contained in your sentences. WSL-Batch does not contain a human brain able to understand what you mean. WSL-Batch is a 'Robot' that will automatically execute your translation requests without wondering if your sentences have a meaning or are complete nonsense !

With WSL-Batch, you can create a sentence like 'The car eats a banana' which is grammatically correct but meaningless. The example here will be processed by WSL-Batch and you will use your subscription credits for creating non-sense that will pollute your sentence database. Nothing will prevent our translation cluster to answer your request... However, you are free to create the sentence of your choice inside the WinDi vocabulary and grammatical possibilities.

So, WSL-Batch must be used or supervised by someone having language skills in order to avoid any bad word selection that will produce useless results. Then, in NO case will Language Dynamics be responsible for the production of meaningless results using WSL-Batch because they depend on the user's word selection.

We also advise you to use simultaneously WSL-Batch and WinDi On-Line (dictionaries, grammar, conjugation, ...) to get an overall view of the 7 languages.

We repeat that WSL-Batch is a 'Robot' and not a 'Miracle-Ware' ! As any other tool, you must learn how to use it properly. Then, start using it with limited jobs in order to understand how this application works. You will be soon ready to launch bigger jobs...

However, we advise you to thoroughly study your context (professional or other) in order to define correctly the necessary sentences. After this step, in most cases, you will notice that the number of necessary translations is not so high and the jobs to launch using WSL-Batch will be limited. This is the most common situation allowing you to have your own 7-language database including only the necessary cases...

We still have anticipated the need to create large databases of aligned sentences in 7 languages for companies that want to share a large amount of cases among their users.

This is why we have a range of subscriptions from 500 requests/year !

WSL-Batch is then a solution for everyone and every need.

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