Chapter 2 : Voice for WinDi.

Voice for WinDi is an interface between all functions or tools provided by WinDi and the Speech API (SAPI) Text-To-Speech (TTS) function provided and developed by Microsoft. There are several providers of TTS-SAPI compatible technology, such as, FreeSpeech 2000 by Philips.

The main advantage of SAPI is its compatibility with all sound cards supporting Microsoft Windows. Thanks to this, Voice for WinDi will work with most of the available sound cards and PCs.

How to use TTS in WinDi applications : Let's take an example; if you have already installed a FreeSpeech 2000 package (Philips) in English, then the English TTS is available in WinDi as well. It is as simple as that! This example also applies to other languages, as long as you have purchased FreeSpeech 2000 in the wanted language. If you have done so, just click on the loudspeaker icon available in all WinDi modules to gain access to the pronunciation in the language provided by FreeSpeech 2000.

If you are looking for a multilingual TTS solution compatible with WinDi and Microsoft (Speech API), please note that Language Dynamics can provide such solution as a WinDi add-on. Please refer to our Price List for more information about this TTS option.

When using Voice for WinDi in demonstration mode, the following screen appears:
This module is mute because of the demonstration mode!


If you are a registered WinDi user, the following screen appears if you have
installed one of the available TTS software programs.

This module is very easy to use: select the language of the text that will be read aloud and click on the black arrow to start the reading. You have the choice between different types of voices (per language).

When the reading is finished, you can come back to the WinDi module you were working in by minimizing the Voice for WinDi task (Multilingual Voice Producer).

Remark: If you have installed a multilingual TTS solution (in 5 languages for example), when calling the Voice for WinDi application for the first time (in the current session) its loading can take several seconds (about 30"). Do not worry, this delay is necessary to initialize all voices. To avoid this waiting time, you can minimize this task rather than unload it from the memory. This is the reason why there is a 'door' icon in the upper right corner.


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