Chapter 8 : WinDi Browser.

First of all, you have to install the Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 (or later version) in order to make this program work properly. This is due to the fact that WinDi Browser makes extensive use of the functionalities contained in Explorer 5.0. This represents 2 main advantages : the compatibility with the present Internet and WinDi Browser will evolve along with Explorer... However, WinDi Browser is NOT a new browser on the market, but an add-on to the Microsoft Internet Explorer! If you want more information about this integration, visit the following Microsoft page :

Thanks to WinDi, you can surf the Internet while having instantly access to translation aid into 6 languages... This program works from all 7 languages to the other 6 supported languages.

Imagine that you are visiting a WEB site (the one from the NASA in this example) and that you don't understand a word or a sentence...

How can this application help you ?

Very simply, in just 3 steps!

1) Highlight the word or text you need to translate (you can 'drag and drop' from another application, too)

2) 'Drag and Drop' your selection or, if you put some text into the clipboard, use the 'clipboard' button

3) Select the source and target languages and click the 'black arrow'

For each word contained in your selection, you will get translation(s) coming from the WinDi Dictionary.

This program performs an extensive search (using parsing) to retrieve the 'root' words and the more probable translation... This allows to catch the meaning of a sentence much more easily!

This powerful function can be used On-Line or Off-Line. But you can also use it, whenever you need it, from within any Windows application : just paste the word or text in this browser and enjoy immediate assistance (for example while writing an E-Mail).

WinDi Browser has been designed for Windows 9x / NT 4 / 2000.

8.1 Features of this function.

This function gives direct access to grammar and conjugation when available. You will notice, in the page displaying the translation results, a 'conjugation' or a 'grammar' link. If you click on these links, you will gain access to the same help as the one described in the chapters 'WinDi Conjugation'.

WinDi Browser contains the usual features of a browser: you have the possibility to surf to the previous and next page (left and right arrow buttons), you can stop the access to a page ('stop' button), re-load the same page ('refresh' button) and you also can print the current page ('printer' button). You also have access to the WinDi Menu. The 'scissors' button allows to clear the 'text to translate' zone.


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