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Partnership with Service Providers, Integrators or Developers

... More than 50.000.000 sentences are being added into the WinDi Database each week under the supervision of the WinDi Linguistic Team. In April 2008, we reached the amazing database size of more than 2.5 billion entries in the WinDi Translation Search Engine (representing about 25.000 paper dictionaries). In June 2008, the database was rebuilt on a new 20-terrabyte cluster to allow the hosting of more than 50 billion translations (about 500.000 paper dictionaries in 7 languages)...

This makes the WinDi project the largest 7-Language Translation Dictionaries/Database available on the Web.

Our linguistic technology can be integrated in other applications as handheld devices for example. These devices can include voice recognition and text-to-speech functions in order to provide a real speech-to-speech solution.

The WinDi technology can be easily embedded on different platforms thanks to its portability.

There are many other integration possibilities that can be studied on request.

This linguistic project is a real alternative or complement to existing automatic translation services. WinDi avoids mistranslations and nonsense which often appear with other language technologies, thanks to its grammatical and human-driven approach, while allowing to translate in batch mode several millions of sentences per day.

We are able to fully cover the communication needs of a specific domain in 7 languages and host the resulting translation database for a widespread or restricted access (including customized handheld devices).

Contact us for more information.

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