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Subscribe to WinDi Web Services

WinDi Web Services Subscription

There are 4 types of subscriptions : Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

To order, follow the "order" link on the right of each subscription reference, you will order directly from this page using the following credit cards or bank transfer (secured payment guaranteed by Paypal or Moneybookers) :
Visa Mastercard American Express Discover PayPal

Yearly Subscriptions
Consultations per year Price per year ReferenceOrder via

for private or light professional use, with 1 or 2 users

2000 €15/year OL-SS PayPal


for home offices, SME's or small organizations with up to 5 users

5000 €35/year OL-GS PayPal


for SME's or small organizations with up to 25 users

20000 €129/year OL-PS PayPal

Platinum Extended

for companies or organizations with up to 150 users

100000 €599/year OL-PS1 PayPal

Note that all 7 languages are available in all subscriptions.

Yearly 'Diamond' Subscriptions

For large companies or organizations from 150 users.

Subscription Consultations per year Price per year Reference
Diamond 250 250,000 Contact us OL-D 250
Diamond 500 500,000 Contact us OL-D 500
Note that all 7 languages are available in all subscriptions.

Subscriptions above "OL-D 500" are possible : Contact us and we will study your request.

We can provide you with a complete service including hosting on dedicated server(s) if necessary.


All subscriptions are valid for 1 year. Each subscription allows a maximum number of consultations (depending on the subscription you have chosen). A 'consultation' is a request to WinDi Dictionaries containing 1 up to 20 words: you can enter either a single word or a sentence. Syntax or request errors and 'word(s) not found' are NOT regarded as a consultation (ONLY successful consultations will decrease the number of remaining requests). If you have used all of your 'consultation credits' before the end of your subscription, you can take out a new subscription. Any 'consultation credits' not used after the end of your subscription cannot be recovered.

Many of the WinDi functions are FREE as follows:

The Conjugation and Grammar features are provided for FREE.

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