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Tower of Babel?

Everybody has to deal with the Tower of Babel situation on a daily basis. Indeed, the language barrier is an important limit to economic and industrial expansion; many companies have very advanced technology, but have difficulties exporting their products because of problems related to understanding, and communication problems.

In the past, when it was necessary to communicate with people in other countries, there was no other choice than to limit oneself to the use of a few hundred words. This led to reduced communication efficiency and, as a consequence, to unexpected reductions in export turnover.

That time is now over. Indeed, as everybody knows, there are now new computer means of communication. What are they? First of all, there is a telecommunications revolution in progress: international phone calls will become less frequent, being progressively replaced cases by 'text' communications (fax, Internet, etc). Of course, this does not in itself provide a solution to language problems. But it is within this medium that the WinDi tools can play an essential role. Language Dynamics supplies a range of translation tools that will allow the language barrier problem to be overcome, which means the Tower of Babel will be surmounted.

Our tools allow you to work with a large standardized vocabulary. Communication improves in quality and efficiency!

Thanks to all the WinDi tools, it will no longer be necessary to work with a 'limited' vocabulary simply because you don't know the target language very well. WinDi gives on-line access to a standardized vocabulary of more than 40,000 words (+- 3,500,000 grammatical examples of use are available), signifying a real linguistic revolution.

In the long term, two companies in two different countries (or even two continents) using the same translation tool will use the same vocabulary, thus guaranteeing perfect understanding between the partners. The vocabulary available is very extensive, thus permitting high quality communication, where each user can find the right word, and doesn't have to restrict his vocabulary to words like 'put' or 'get', which are not always very precise.

The final conclusion of this translation help, integrated into the everyday work, is that people will be able to learn languages in a soft and friendly way while they are working. They will even be able to re-use their new linguistic knowledge when a phone call or a video conference proves it necessary. This new skill is one of the underlying motives of the WinDi project, which covers three aspects: translation help, help in understanding , and learning languages.


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