WinDi Encoding©

This module allows you to easily adapt the WinDi Dictionaries to your own field of activities: add your own words, or modify the existing database according to your particular context.

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WinDi Encoding

- You don't have to encode all seven languages.

- Exhaustive list of grammatical comments to complete your encoding.

- New lexicons from other WinDi users can be added into your own dictionaries.

- You can export your modifications to share them with other users, subsidiaries, etc.

One of WinDi's main assets is the ability to exchange lexicons between different sites equipped with WinDi softwares. The dictionary database can be enlarged or modified according to the user's particular field of activities, and the modifications can be very easily extracted and exchanged between WinDi users. This allows 'standardization' of the vocabulary used by the different sites of a corporate, or even by the corporation and its customers or suppliers, which is of course a huge asset in the communication needs of today. The words added will be available in the Sentence Translation module, allowing you to create your own sentences.

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