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There are so many reasons why you will not hesitate to use WinDi daily:

Because of its linguistic qualities:
- Translations and comparisons are made based on the language of one's choice (generally the mother tongue).
- WinDi is multi-directional, providing 21 bilingual dictionaries with more than 40,000 words per language.
- More than 3,350,000 basic examples of word usage per language are provided, completing the dictionaries.
- WinDi provides the correct grammatical structure of billions of other examples, easily created by the user and driven by the software.
- For each word, a very complete grammatical comment is given, allowing integration of quality translations, i.e.each noun is preceded by its definite article, indication of whether a verb is regular or irregular, etc.
- WinDi conjugates more than 10,000 verbs per language for all tenses, in active and passive voices, and manages impersonal, reflexive and defective verbs.
- Ability to compare the conjugation of 2 or 6 languages and to retrieve the equivalent tense from a language.
- WinDi gives all the agreements in gender and number of every noun and adjective, and the location of adjectives in a sentence is shown for accurate translations.
- WinDi translates complete sentences into 7 languages, rapidly and reliably.
- The 'on-line' module retrieves the translation of any selected word in any Windows application, even a very irregularly conjugated form, thanks to WinDi's extended grammatical search, which retrieves the infinitive form of irregular verbs (this provides help in understanding when reading foreign texts received via E-mail, for example).
- Voice for WinDi allows you to hear the pronunciation of a word, a conjugation, a sentence, or a text.

Because of its user-friendliness:
- The Encoding module allows you to add new words and modify the dictionaries. The new lexicons and modifications can be shared with other WinDi users with the aid of the Import/Export Module.
- The Translation Project Manager allows you to archive, retrieve, and share your translations with other users.
- WinDi is an all-in-one solution that meets every kind of translation need, whether it be a single word, a conjugation, grammar, pronunciation, or sentences, the appropriate tool is quickly available.
- WinDi is a clever Translation Help solution giving access, in 7 languages, to the vocabulary level known in one's maternal language, and allowing on-the-job learning.

Because of its integration in Windows ™ 9x / NT 4.0 / 2000 :
- WinDi is a multilingual user interface that provides on-line translation and help in understanding.
- 'Copy' and 'Paste' functions are always available in all modules.
- WinDi requires at least a 486 PC (Pentium advised) and 8 MBytes RAM (16-32 MBytes mandatory for sentence translation in 7 languages). WinDi takes only about 50 MBytes on your hard disk if 7 languages are installed.

Because of all the different versions available:
- Stand-Alone licence for 1 PC (bilingual or multilingual configuration). Ideal for SME's, laptops, home PCs, classrooms, etc.
- LAN licence for all the users connected to a file server in a company (bilingual or multilingual configuration).
- Corporate licence for multinational companies that wish to share and unify their specific vocabulary in all of their sites and with their customers, suppliers, subcontractors, etc.

Because of its efficiency:
The sentence translation provided is of a very high quality: once you have created your own sentence, the result is reliable and can be used immediately in your correspondence. By contrast, automatic translators available on the market produce 'drafts' that always need to be corrected. The correction of texts that have been translated 'automatically' is very difficult for the user, requiring important language skills in the target language...

WinDi Sentence Translation steers the user in real-time to the correct translation (in up to seven languages) of his or her sentences, and will produce an incomparable result with only a short delay.


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