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WinDi is a series of multidirectional tools
which can be used to translate from and to any of the 7 languages.

The aim of the WinDi project is to give you the right linguistic tool at the right time...
Should it be the translation of a single word or a sentence, the correct conjugation of a verb,
or grammar assistance, the appropriate tool is quickly available to answer your needs.

All WinDi packages include 7 languages and 9 functions:

WinDi Dictionaries, WinDi Encoding, WinDi Grammar,
WinDi Conjugation, WinDi Reverse Conjugation (from an irregularly
conjugated verb to its infinitive), WinDi Translation Help
(double editor, 'word by word' translation and understanding help),
WinDi Direct Translation (sentence translation), WinDi Translation
Project Manager (allowing to classify/archive your translation in your PC)
and WinDi Browser.


There are 2 types of WinDi solutions : Bilingual or Multilingual

To follow is a listing of all available bilingual configurations :

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The Multilingual WinDi version gives you access to all of this instantly !


The main functions performed by WinDi are:

7 Dictionaries : more than 3,350,000 words and examples of use per language
7 Grammars : agreements in gender and number of adjectives and nouns
7 Conjugations : 10,000 verbs per language; all tenses; active/passive
+ Interactive Sentence Translation + Understanding Help
+ Voice for WinDi (option) and WinDi Browser

Thanks to these different functions, you will be able to translate and understand
single words, subjects or complements and even complete sentences or texts!

But WinDi does more than just translating words or sentences into another language...

WinDi helps you communicate with 2.25 billion people all over the world!
WinDi is also a perfect assistant for learning foreign languages.

WinDi Database? More than 20,000,000 words/examples of use...

WinDi is NOT an automatic translator : Frequently Asked Questions

Customization needs? Integration needs?

On our Web site you can:
Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the WinDi package
Read 'Computer-Aided Translation: Dream or Reality?', the philosophy corner
Read 'why will WinDi help you to communicate', the business globalization corner
Read our product history covering 10 years of successful research and development
Read a series of impressively enthusiastic comments from the press all around the world

Read also our general information about the WinDi translation tools and
don't fail to read a warning about automatic translation!

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