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This translation application gives you a range of sentences in which all words are 'variables' that can be changed according to the particular sentence you need to translate.

Look at these screens...

-This solution provides the correct grammatical structure of your sentences in 7 languages, including the correct word order, agreement in gender and number, etc.
- Create interactively the sentence you wish to translate,
in your own language.
- Modify each part of the sentence, and create billions of possible sentences.
- Very easy access to different tenses of the conjugation.
- Get the immediate correct translation of your sentences in one or six other languages.

WinDi Direct Translation Screen 2

WinDi Direct Translation Screen 3

Just a simple 'click' to get your sentences in 7 languages!

After creating a new sentence, if you wish, it is immediately available in seven languages!

List of translations in 7 languages

Just click the '7' button to get this amazing result: quality translations in 7 different languages!

Indispensable for your multilingual mail, and very useful for learning purposes, this unique function will become your friendliest translation tool.


Overview of WinDi Direct Translation's principle.

WinDi Direct Translation (WDT) provides you with the ability to write correct sentences in a language of which you have only a little, if any, knowledge. To do so, WDT gives you access to several 'typical' sentences (subject-verb-complement, etc.) that you can freely adapt to your particular translation need. Indeed, in each sentence you can replace the subject, the verb, the complement, the adjective, etc. with any word included in WinDi Dictionaries. By doing so, you can 'build' new sentences that will be perfectly understood by WDT, and WDT will take care of all the grammatical aspects. Read also our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

The translations will be correct as long as the context of each word has been carefully chosen by the users of the WinDi software... Example: 'the Gettysburg address' refers to Lincoln's famous speech (1863), and not to the address of a house in Pennsylvania! In order to help you in your translation task, WinDi Dictionary also gives contextual information for words that have several different meanings.

WDT offers about 7 'groups' of 'typical' sentences, for reasons of efficiency and clarity. In fact, when choosing one of the sentences offered, you have access to +-2.7exp.40 possible sentences! The verb can be replaced by many other verbs, there are +-24,000 nouns available, and about 6,000 adjectives. Multiplying these elements together produces the above figure for the number of possible combinations.


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