Press review - Extracts from some articles about WinDi:

WinDi has been present in the press since its very first release early 1993. WinDi has been impartially tested and commented on by journalists who, by definition, enjoy a wide linguistic background. Their opinion concerning our project was very important to us. WinDi has been benchmarked against other translation tools, and WinDi always distinguishes itself by its accuracy and integration, which is very motivating for all the WinDi development team.

'We have noticed that WinDi is easy to use, and integrates very well in a Windows environment.' Mr. A. Pire, Computer Life (Luxembourg).

'The design of the user interface eases very efficiently the use of this programme.' Mrs. B. Rossetto, Richmac (Italy).

'WinDi is the best integrated application, with a user-friendly interface.' Mr. S. Courrier, Science & Vie Micro 'Benchmark Translation Tools' (France).

'WinDi is a powerful computer tool.' Mrs. Nora, Entreprise Romande (Switzerland).

'After the learning of the software, the user enjoys a tool with exceptional performance (...) The result is remarkable, thanks to the power and accuracy (of this application).' Mr. D. Viguier, Bureau Informatique (Switzerland).

'If it were entirely up to myself, this package would be a must.' Mr. K. Vermeire, Computer Magazine (Belgium)

'Este tipo de herramientas puede ser interesante y, sin duda, se seguirán desarrollando. Entre los sitios indicados, el que inspira mayor confianza, sin embargo, es el de Language Dynamics, con su programa "de apoyo a la traducción" que tiene la sensatez de advertir: "La traducción automática de alta calidad de cualquier tipo de texto no estará disponible todavía durante cierto tiempo, si acaso llega a estarlo en algún momento". Estos programas no son realmente útiles si no se tiene bien claro cuáles son sus límites. Una buena lección.' Mr. Francis Pisani, EL PAIS Digital (Spain)

Comments about this WEB Site:

'I looked at your page and it looks great. Very well done. Please keep up the good work on your project. It should help improve wordwide communication.' Bob Ware, OneLook Dictionaries, (USA).

'I think you are doing some excellent work. I have added your site to my "Online Dictionaries and Translators" web page.' Mr. Bennett, Rivendell International Communications, (USA)

'We are going to mention your site in our favorite pages.' Michel Landaret, DNA Internet (France)

'Quite impressive!' Mike Bennett, MultiLingual Computing (USA)

'Nice site and exciting product!' Dr. Michael C. Martin, President, The travlang Company, (USA)

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But many thanks to all WEB Masters who linked this site to theirs : at this time, more than 1250 links have been counted !


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