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There are 2 types of WinDi solutions :

Multilingual for one Pc or Multilingual for Network

In both cases, you can install 7 languages and WinDi will be multidirectional, you can use it from and to any of the 7 installed languages!

Stand-Alone (1 PC) version :
WTH-SD01 WinDi S-A (for 1 PC) ..... 99 Eur

Network version (LAN / Workgroups) :
WTH-LD01 WinDi LAN (1 server) ...... 999 Eur


Shipping & handling : 12 Eur.
All prices are in Euro excluding taxes. In Belgium, always add VAT 21% and in all other European countries add VAT 21% only if you don't have a VAT number.

All orders are delivered along with an invoice within a very short delay. Each order is considered as definite and cannot be cancelled.


All packages include 7 languages and the following functions:

WinDi Dictionaries, WinDi Grammar (plurals and feminines of the nouns and adjectives),
WinDi Conjugation, WinDi Reverse Conjugation (from an irregularly conjugated verb
to its infinitive), WinDi Translation Help (double editor, translation and understanding help),
WinDi Direct Translation (sentence translation),
WinDi Translation Project Manager (allowing classification and archiving of your
translation files in your PC), WinDi Browser and WinDi Encoding.


System requirements:

At least a true compatible x86 PC (Pentium advised), running Windows, and 32 MB RAM (64 MB advised).
In a LAN, WinDi is compatible with Novell, Lan Manager, TCP/IP, Banyan, 3COM, Pathworks, etc.

WinDi has been designed for Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT 4.0 / 2000 / XP

For LAN/Network version, there is a limitation as to the number of users
using the same license : 1 license per 50 users and 1 license required per server.
For example, if you have 150 users connected to a server, you need 3 LAN versions.


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