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WinDi is a complete multilingual solution, example of use: Help in understanding.

For example, imagine you have received a letter that contains the following sentence in French:

'Nos sous-traitants enverront les marchandises par avion.' The key word in the sentence is, of course, the verb - in this case 'enverront' - which is an interesting example of an irregularly conjugated verb. Indeed, 'enverront' is the conjugation in the future tense of the verb 'envoyer', which is 'to send' in English. This verb, like many other ones in all languages, is very difficult to understand when it is conjugated. The meaning of the sentence may get lost...

WinDi gives a solution for this kind of understanding problem!

The solution is child's play... just click the word that is not understood,
then click the 'WTH double editor' icon, and WinDi finds it for you,
thanks to its high-level algorithm!

Whenever you have doubts about a word, click on it to get its translations in any of the 7 languages available! This software works as an aid to understanding and also recognizes irregular conjugations.

WinDi Translation/Understanding Help

Thanks to this complete support in 7 different languages, you will no longer have any hesitation about producing multilingual texts for doing international business and will become an active participant in globalization! WinDi answers the needs of learning languages at all skill levels, from basic to advanced. WinDi will help you to develop your foreign language skills smoothly and progressively.

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