WinDi helps you to communicate with 2.25 billion people all over the world!

How many people speak a language supported by WinDi?

English: 1400 million
Spanish: 280 million
French: 220 million
Portuguese: 170 million
German: 100 million
Italian: 60 million
Dutch: 20 million

Total*: 2.25 billion!!!

Thanks to full support in 7 different languages, you will no longer have any hesitations about producing multilingual texts for doing international business and participating in the globalization process! WinDi answers the needs of learning languages at all skill levels, from basic to advanced. WinDi will help you to develop your foreign language skills smoothly and progressively.

* In the context of globalization, the above-listed linguistic distribution does not take into account that in certain countries such as Poland or Hungary, for example, people speak German as their second/third language. The same applies to French, for example, which is spoken in various African countries and even in other places such as Romania. By contrast, the estimation of the number of English-speaking people (1400 millions) includes only 350 millions of native speakers (Americans, Canadians, Britons, Australians, etc). The rest of our English estimate includes those countries where English is spoken as a second language, for example Denmark, Greece, India, Japan, Sweden, South Africa, ...

When we examine all these elements, we can see how WinDi in fact covers many more countries than the 7 'basic' ones. WinDi allows you to find a common language between your addressee and yourself. For example, an American user can send a correspondence in German to his Hungarian partner, or a Spanish user can communicate in French with a Romanian customer. A Pole can use WinDi from his second language (German or English) in order to communicate in Spanish with a Latin American country...

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