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WinDi Conjugation can conjugate more than 10,000 verbs per language in all tenses, including impersonal or reflexive verbs, separable verbs (German and Dutch), etc.

WinDi Conjugation Screen 1

- You can see one tense at a time on this first screen.

- Import-Export functions (via the clipboard) are available.

- Thanks to the Zoom function, you can see six tenses at one time!

- Function for comparing verbs between two or even six languages

- The user interface is available in any of the seven languages.

WinDi Conjugation Screen 2

WinDi Conjugation Screen 3

- This screen shows that it is possible to compare the conjugation between 2 languages.

- This comparison function is very useful for language learning!

- It is also possible to display the conjugation of a verb in 6 languages.

- This function is very interesting for linguists, for example.

WinDi Conjugation Screen 2


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