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Different layouts are available: bilingual or multilingual.
Select the layout you prefer according to your translation need!

Bilingual layout: select the source and the target languages and look up your words. Grammatical and contextual comments are available! Easy access to all other functions (Conjugation, Grammar, etc).

In this example the dictionary is opened from English to French and the user interface is in English.

Whenever you want to, you can modify the screen layout and see 7 languages at one time...

Multilingual layout: click the 'book' icon to open the dictionary...

... and get instantaneous translation of your word in six other languages!

- Accurate grammatical information in all of the 7 languages for you to choose from.

- Export one of the translations via the clipboard.

- Access to grammar or conjugation.

WinDi Dictionary Screen 2

WinDi includes an encoding module allowing you to enlarge the dictionary according to your own field of activities.

WinDi Dictionary also has a 'one window' look...

In this example the source language is English.
The language of the program's user interface was set up in English.

With this layout, even fewer mouse clicks are necessary to get your translations! Skimming through WinDi Dictionary is even easier... Just select the source language you need, browse through the words list box and quickly learn new vocabulary. WinDi Grammar and Conjugation are readily available to turn the 40,000 word entries into more than 3,350,000 grammatical examples.

WinDi Dictionary gives access to grammar...

In this example the source language is French and the grammar was requested in English.
The language of the program's user interface was set up in Spanish.

WinDi Dictionary gives access to conjugation...

In this example the source language is Spanish and the conjugation was requested in Portuguese.
The language of the program's user interface was set up in Spanish.

This 'one-window' layout is available if your screen resolution is at least 800x600 pixels. Otherwise you will have our 'two-window' design, as shown at the top of this page.

WinDi covers the following subject areas:
Anatomy, architecture, automobilism, biology, botany, cinema, commerce, computing, economics, electricity, finance, fiscal, geography, geology, grammar, law, linguistics, mathematics, mechanics, medicine, military, music, physics, politics, psychology, religion, technical, typography, zoology, etc.

The dictionaries include grammatical and contextual comments, which is very important to produce good translations in the right context. For example, reflexive and separable verbs are clearly indicated, as well as the definite articles in front of the nouns including elisions when necessary.

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